20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - Captain Nemo - Extended Edition

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20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - Captain Nemo - Extended Edition
Скриншот: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - Captain Nemo - Extended Edition (11.7 Kb)
Краткое описание:
хорошая аркадная игра

Inspired from the Jules Vernes novel, Twenty thousand leagues under the sea.
Professor Pierre Aronnax, his assistant Conseil and the harpoonist Ned Land are captured by Captain Nemo, who travels the world's oceans on board the Nautilus submarine.

Although impressed by the beauty of the seabed, our three friends hope to escape and return to their lives on dry land. But Captain Nemo thinks otherwise… Can you help them escape?

Discover the furthest recesses of the Nautilus, take the helm and pass through the Isthmus of Suez, gaze upon hitherto unseen places under the waves! But beware, the apparently peaceful depths can hide terrible dangers!

Use the x2 zoom to dive into the heart of the images and the clue to recover the objects you need.

Admire the amazing scenery! The oceans and their secrets: all kinds of fishes, seaweed, not to mention Atlantis! Nautilus and its riches: the library, wheelhouse, the living area and its works of art…

- 34 sites to see
- Mini games: reproduce maneuvers, read a map, find a secret code…
- Manage 3 customizable profiles
- Object search (list, identical objects)
- Unlimited help: x2 zoom, reloadable clue
- Sumptuous scenery: high definition images

Особенности: 3D

Русский интерфейс: Нет
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